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Throughout the LUFTBALLETT-program Lars Schmidt intervined as ’T Jay’,  hosting  tea-gatherings in the spirit of the japanese tea ceremony, taking place at the LUFTBALLETT-camp.
T Jay:
Sensual Subtleties, Quietude
Fine green tea
It is obvious that the demands of modern society have a profoundly stressful and harming effect on human well being and our natural surroundings.
In these sessions space for systems to rebalance is being offered.
If mind relaxes, body relaxes. If body relaxes, environment relaxes. If environment relaxes, mind relaxes...
New perspectives, sensations and understanding may arise.
When in earlier times the samurais and noblemen of the Japanese aristocracy met in the humble setting of the tea ceremony, their swords and their titles, just as their positions and ongoing businesses in society stayed outside the room.
The name for the tea room was Sukiya, which can be translated as 'Abode of Emptiness' or 'Abode of Fancy, built to house poetic impulses'.
A good cup of green tea, just that.
background: watercolour by Randi Brecke
all photo: Lars Schmidt
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