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Lars Schmidt 'Tali' is a dancer and builder of bridges at the margins of art and deep ecological thinking.
He immersed himself deeply into the realm of the body-mind and its natural environment by studying and exploring such fields as psychology, somatics, acting, dance and improvisation, ecology and indigenous cultures, as well as eastern philosophies and spiritual practices.
He has lived and worked on organic farms for several years and knows the life of mountain shepherds as well as the bustling of metropoles like New York, Paris, Buenos Aires or Berlin.
He has been working internationally as actor for film, television and theater; as director and visual artist, before focussing on post modern dance forms and the approach of contemplative arts.
He also holds a Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design.

Throughout the LUFTBALLETT-program Schmidt will intervene as ’T Jay’ and host japanese tea-gatherings in the spirit of the japanese tea ceremony, taking place at the LUFTBALLETT-camp.
Further he will contribute to the online presence of the project through a series of videos observing life at the camp with focus on wind and its various ways of appearance.
photo: Lars Schmidt
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