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Friday 09.09.2016:
the LUFTBALLETT conference of Utopia, extreme sports and the green shift.
The green shift is a wave, a shift, a direction towards a new kind of life that is hard to imagine.
Hangglider acrobatics, which involves the looping of hang gliders, used to be considered impossible, but has been realized by the use of centrifugal force and new technology.
The green shift is about how we use the known and unknown technology and how we organize the community to get it - and what is a better time to think about it than the 500th anniversary of Thomas Moore`s Utopia? 
In the last of the LUFTBALLETT-conferences, we met people who have been fighting for what they believe in, from extreme sports and nature conservation to enabling the green shift.
Around the compfire they talk about creating a fair and sustainable society.
Jon Gjerde is world champion in acrobatic hang glider, amnesty activist, ecofarmer and airborne windenergy-entrepreneur.  
Lars-Henrik Paarup Michelsen is general manager of the Norwegian Climate Foundation.
Ingrid Fjellberg is a member of the Norwegian Green Party, and national represent for Green Students.
background photo: Jon Gjerde photo from FUTURE FORUM: KORO Vågestykke / Pål Hoff
Gifts from Utopia: Anders Flatlandsmo brought vegetables from Sogn Landbruksskole to the conference-participants
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