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Thursday 08.09.2016
Aproximately when Leonardo Da Vinci made his hangglider-scetches and dreamed of flying, an accelerating race of  innovation began,  and was to characterize the last 500 years of human history.
Innovation has created many of the problems the world is struggling with today. What social responsibility is today linked to the concepts of innovation - and what types of roles will innovation play in a global ecosystem currently suffering from to much innovation?
Svein Gunnar Sjøtun and Natalia Mæhle from Mohn Center of Innovation reflect on the concept and the type of social responsibility that is attached today. Svein Sjøtun is a fellow at the Center for Innovation at Bergen University College, where he is working on innovation research. Natalia Mæhle is associate professor at the Center for Innovation, Bergen University College. Natalia holds a PhD from the Norwegian School of Business and Economics and researches on innovation, eco-food, consumer behavior and social media.
A group of former students at HiB explains how they plan not only to capture - but also to clean Co2, and create new products. Bergen Carbon Solutions AS is a start-up company established by three chemistry engineers who completed their bachelor's degree at HiB in 2016. Their CO2-cleaning project won the climate prize,  and is now nominated for the Lehmkuhl Prize for the best task.
background photo: Kitemill
Photo from FUTURE FORUM: KORO Vågestykke / Pål Hoff
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