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TUESDAY 06.09.2016
Sustainability begins in kindergarten.
One of the university's most recent focus areas is kindergarten teacher education, where sustainability is given a central focus. What does this say in practice and what ripples will such an effort create in society?
Eli Bergsvik / OMEP has recently retired from a long career within the kindergarten teacher education at the University College, as well as the organization OMEP (Organization Mondiale Pour l 'Education Prescolaire)
Kronstadskogen is as a social arena for the local community and the University College. Here, ecology and sustainability will be studied in practice through a food forest project in collaboration with the Local Branch of Global Transition Network and Ecologist Benedicte Brun.
Pillippe Badian (Norway / Senegal) has been working on permaculture since 1994. He established foodforests with children in Senegal in the 90's and has followed developments in the local community and the children involved. Today he is researching forest food and herbal medicines from different parts of the world.
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