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Adam in the EnergyLab:

Adam Gairns in conversation with Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa and Hans-Kristian Ringkjøb from the Energylab. 

"The “Energy" podcasts is a series of small podcasts which is created to simplify the can be complicated language and numbers used to describe the power and energy that we consume on an everyday basis. We want to address the effect  consumption of energy is having on climate change by interviewing individuals and groups who are currently working to provide technological solutions on bringing clean energy to Norway and further. 


From these podcasts we will describe the basics to understand the power and energy that you consume daily and how these are scaled up into larger projects such as new off shore wind turbines being installed off the coast of Norway. 

Through the podcasts we will get our interviewees to describe simply “What is a kilowatt” and ask if they start to mention unfamiliar words or phrases we will ask them to describe this in a simpler form.


Do universities, researchers and politicians need to communicate their projects better? through these podcasts we hope to uncover in what ways this can be done.

Adam Gairns


Currently a first-year masters student in Climate Change Management in Sogndal Norway with a background in Environmental Engineering. Originally from Edinburgh he spent his youth surfing and snowboarding around Scotland and later coached surfing in Morocco, Portugal and Scotland. From the age of 11, Adam was part of the junior development team of Rome Snowboards UK where he also worked two years as a media and video producer for their social media pages. Adam has worked with various snowboard magazines and he was recently on the board of multiple university societies and sports clubs focusing on the role of social media in encouraging participation in sports.


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