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Calum in Transition Times

In this podcast series Calum will look into different aspects of societal and behavioural change in Norway and Europe - from train travel in Europe to how businesses can be ‘agents of change’. He is studying on the Climate Change Management Master at HVL and is interested in how societies will shift to lower patterns of consumption in the future in order to meet the goals set out in the Paris Agreement. In his first podcast he will explore how easy it is to travel between Norway and Scotland by train, and if an ‘Interrail’ pass can make this easier. The benefits and drawbacks of this method to make travelling by train easier will be discussed. In the next few series of podcasts he will look into the role of organisations such as Protect Our Winters, DNT and commercial businesses in whether they have a role in inspiring society to shift to lower patterns of consumption.


Calum Macintyre

- is currently a second year student on the Climate Change Management Masters program in Sogndal. He spent his childhood learning to snowboard, climb and mountain bike in the mountains of Scotland, gaining a strong appreciation for how important it is to persuade people to protect our natural environments. He has since travelled extensively snowboarding and climbing in the mountains from Alaska to the Himalayas. Before arriving in Sogndal in 2016, he completed a Bachelors degree in Environmental Geography in Scotland. He has considerable media experience and has worked with the BBC and various UK newspapers through expeditions and work with charities such as the Teenage Cancer Trust. He is part of the leadership group for Protect Our Winters in Norway. Through this work he hopes the outdoors community can put pressure on governments to do more for our natural environment and develop ways to encourage people to transition to a less consumption-based lifestyle.


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